3rd-lindafisher_facebookThanks to everyone who voted for Early Onset Alzheimer’s blog in the contest! We won 3rd place and $250.

Healthline posted on its Facebook Page:

Congrats to Linda and her blog, Early Onset Alzheimer’s, which won 3rd place in this year’s public-voted Best Health Blog contest! Linda shares personal stories about her and her husband, and she serves as an inspiration to caregivers everywhere. Congrats, Linda!


Welcome to my website, an Alzheimer’s resource for caregivers and individuals with dementia. Soon I will be publishing Alzheimer’s articles written in everyday language for people who, like me, have been personally touched by dementia.

When Jim developed early-onset dementia, I began a quest to learn everything I could about Alzheimer’s disease. For the past fifteen years, I’ve continued my study of Alzheimer’s and have been involved in Alzheimer’s advocacy and other volunteer work.

Having a loved one with Alzheimer’s turned my world upside down. The best description I can think of for a primary caregiver is on-the-job training for a job you never wanted. Alzheimer’s affects the entire family, and members need to know what to expect so they can make appropriate decisions and provide the best care for their loved one.

Writing was my therapy throughout the ten years of being a primary caregiver, and helped me cope with Jim’s death. By sharing my experiences as a caregiver through my early onset Alzheimer’s blog and this website, I hope to provide encouragement, inspiration, and information for others who travel the Alzheimer’s Journey.

L.S. Fisher

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